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  1. Hours 3 & 4 of Digital Painting Practice
Added smaller details and more panels. People and anatomy have never been a strong point of my drawing, this attempt wasn’t too bad if a little flat and obviously has zero hair due to time. Other improvements I’d probably make is to draw several different ideas up in rough first to make sure I don’t get any inconsistencies with size or shape.
Ok, it’s time to move on from this, but it’s been fun practising certain techniques and maybe I can apply it to future work. 

Hour 2
Hour 1
  2. Hour 2 of Painting Practice
Starting to get the hang of switching between tools and making changes more efficiently. Added colour too! 

Hour One
  3. Digital Painting Practice
I have a drawing tablet lying around I might as well try and get halfway good with it. This is progress after the first hour of practice and testing stuff out. 
It’ll eventually turn into a full headset piece that wraps around the head. 
  4. Watch Dogs in summation. 
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  7. Using Unity for the first time…
Trying out player movement (that bean being a “player”) from another player’s perspective for a game concept I’d like to make at some point.
Maybe more to come in the future…?