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  1. Using Unity for the first time…
Trying out player movement (that bean being a “player”) from another player’s perspective for a game concept I’d like to make at some point.
Maybe more to come in the future…?
  2. Rust is now up on the Humble Store
Get a Steam copy of the game (PC, Mac & Linux) and 10% of the money goes to charity.
  3. Revui

    Cool little channel that takes a look at the UI design in video games.  An under-appreciated part of game design, even though it’s the first thing the player sees and the first part of the game that communicates with the player. 

    Good reference point as I do some UI work of my own.

  4. A few thoughts on the new Atlus logo/About minimalism in brand design.
As far as over reactions go, this is pretty bad, the new Atlus logo is apparently causing people to cancel pre-orders on the upcoming Persona games. Just felt like writing some things about it and some of the things being said about it.
A companies brand is still a very, very important thing. It’s the face of the entire company and represents everything your company does and stands for.
Some people out there won’t ever even notice that logos and branding change and for those that wouldn’t have noticed the changes made here are as follows:
1. They finally fixed the S
2. The logo no longer has cuts in the letters
3. There’s no longer a mix of upper and lower case lettering
4. It no longer looks like it’s from the 80’s or for a package delivery service
5. They added an outline to the logo.
That last one isn’t entirely obvious and is where most of the hate for this logo is coming from. When the logo is presented as it is above, the outline isn’t visible and makes the kerning look all kinds of wonky. Here’s what the logo actually looks like on black:

Here’s a rough mock up of the logo on white with a black stoke:

Kind of fixes the spacing problems some people are mentioning. 
Now to the arguments against minimalism and why more doesn’t always actually add more to the logo. The original Atlus logo actually makes a case for that with the random cuts in every letter except the L, the lowercase U and the broken looking S. These tweaks to the letters don’t add anything to the logo. The new logo cleans these up and retains the familiar colours and the interesting A character. 
Considering the recent stream of companies introducing new branding in a familiar style to this one, it’s not a surprise to see some people getting a bit tired with the trend. But that’s exactly what it is, a trend, you know, the thing designers have to keep a constant eye on and make sure their work fits in with that while making sure you can make something that will still work into the future. Obviously this new Atlus logo isn’t the most inspired way of doing this, but it’s not the Gap logo redesign at least.
Flat logos work, they don’t have any issues when scaled up or down, there isn’t a risk of having technology being able to create flat logos any better making your design look dated and they are immediately legible at a quick glance. 
More UI stuff today, making the buttons a bit more recognisable and shinier. Could come in handy for future projects if I ever need them for simple UI elements.
  6. Steam Early Access game Rust makes over $30 million


    yep this is pretty insane alright. How has this happened?

Only the most exciting of updates while I’m ill. Working on some UI for the first time ever and I think it’s going alright.